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13th January 2012

How To Care For Your Dance Leotard

If youíve just signed up for dance class then youíve probably just bought or are about to buy a dance leotard. By learning to dance, this new piece of dancewear will be getting a great deal of use so you need to know how to take the best care of it so it ...

23rd December 2011

Children Just Love to Dance!

For all parents, the physical and mental health of their child is of paramount importance. Habits developed throughout childhood are highly likely to be continued well into adult life. This means that if your child leads an active and healthy lifestyle, t...

13th December 2011

Different Types of Dancewear

There are a wide range of different garments designed specifically for the art of dance. These garments are collectively referred to as dancewear. They are predominantly designed with two key objectives which are to allow complete freedom of unrestricted ...

18th November 2011

A Beginnerís Guide To Ballet Leotards

What is A Ballet Leotard? A ballet leotard is a piece of dancewear designed specifically for dance. Itís skin tight, covers the torso leaving the legs and usually the arms free, and its main purpose is to allow for complete freedom of movement. The balle...