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30th November 2011

Unlimited Calling And Texting On Any Wireless Carrier Now Available

The mobile wireless field has seen many changes already in its relatively young existence in the communications industry but none perhaps as revolutionary as the introduction of VOIP and WiFi access making unlimited calling and texting more affordable and...

29th November 2011

Smart Mouth Mobile Releases Unlimited Calling And Texting App For All Android Devices

Unlimited Calling App For Android September 14, 2011 Las Vegas Nevada Smart Mouth Mobile announced today that the long awaited unlimited calling app for Android version of the company’s popular iPhone communications and social networking app is now...

15th November 2011

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Mouth Mobile

Can I call and text people who do not have the Smart Mouth Mobile App installed? Yes. If the person you’re calling or testing doesn’t have the Smart Mouth Mobile App installed, the call will be placed using your regular carrier service- but don’t forge...

11th November 2011

The Future Of Mobile Communications is Wifi and VOIP Technology

Two of the most exciting areas in the field of mobile technology are WiFi and VOIP, two of the fastest growing segments in the communications industry today. Almost daily one can find new stories pertaining to one of these and how forward thinking compani...

02nd October 2011

Microsoft-Skype Deal Sends Wake Up Call To Wireless Carriers

Already experiencing declines in many areas, the telecommunications industry has been scrambling to prepare for a transition as more people disconnect their home telephone lines in favor of cellphones. This reporter falls into the classification of an ear...

02nd October 2011

Microsoft Buys Skype For 8.5 Billion While Smart Mouth Mobile Builds Even Better Platform

Microsoft shocked the world, or at least the vast majority who do not keep up with the movements of big players in the mobile technology and internet industry. For weeks, the rumors have abounded about companies including Google and Facebook taking a run ...

02nd October 2011

Smart Mouth To Introduce Video Calling With Smart Mouth Mobile App

One of the advantages that you may love and admire about your Smartphone is its capability to make video calls or video chat. With the latest in the mobile technology, even the possibility of conducting video conferencing has increasingly taken away the d...

02nd October 2011

Smart Mouth Mobile Communications Apps Get Rave Review

Early movers and insiders have been enjoying the new communications apps from new mobile app developer, Smart Mouth Mobile for a couple of months now and the reviews are coming in from all over attesting to the functionality of the mobile apps as well as ...

02nd October 2011

Top VOIP Services For Making Internet Phone Calls

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is, at its heart, just a method for communicating by voice over the Internet, instead of through traditional phone lines. However, with VOIP comes a whole new set of technology challenges because communication throug...

02nd October 2011

Smart Mobile Wireless Introduces Smart Voip Calling With Three New Unlimited Calling Applications

These days, everyone has a smart phone; and thanks to the way most wireless companies do business, just about everyone also has a very high bill to go along with it. Smart Mobile Wireless understands the needs of the masses and they have come forward to d...

02nd October 2011

Smart Mobile Wireless Explodes From Garage Band To Stadium Headliner

Smart Mobile Wireless has essentially been an undercover operation for a little over a year now, quietly building a new social network and communications platform that will change the way the world communicates. This up and coming debt free communications...

02nd October 2011

How To Reduce Your Wireless Bill With Smart Mobile Wireless

If you are like most people in the world today you are probably getting tired of seeing your wireless charges go up every month while at the same time the wireless carriers are reducing data packages and in some cases have completely eliminated unlimited ...

02nd October 2011

Android and Apple Competition Healthy for Smart Mouth Mobile

In the smartphone market there are three major players with Android currently leading the race with 38% of U.S. smartphone sales while Apple had 27% and Blackberry reported 21% of the sales during the period of March – May of 2011. According to a survey f...

02nd October 2011

Smart Mouth Mobile Poised to Benefit from Apple’s Move into China with China Mobile

According to a report today from The Shanghai Daily Report, Apple is now making a huge move into the Chinese wireless market partnering with China Mobile, by far the largest wireless provider in China. Apple who already purchases many of its components fr...

02nd October 2011

Smart Mouth Mobile Takes Bold Step into Worldwide Mobile Communications Market

In the communications industry today the vast majority of wireless and telecom companies are increasing rates and lowering or even eliminating services such as unlimited data. Verizon announced today that they are following the lead of other wireless indu...