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About Me: Sarah Rippere is a graduate student, pursuing doctoral research in the use of online tools to enhance environmental education and motivate more people towards a sustainable lifestyle. Her interests and profession focus on education, and enhancing wellness through living a greener life and finding empowerment helping to educate others about green alternatives.

She belongs to a group of professionals called the Eco Mom Team. Our business is a very peaceful one. Our focus is on making the world safer and less toxic for our children and our future. As a team, our mission is to educate others about the chemical dangers in our homes and offer access to safer, greener alternatives at wholesale prices. We are partnered with a 25 year old green manufacturing company that helps hundreds of thousands of real people every day to live healthier, greener, safer lives. We offer free, ongoing training in a supportive, team environment and we have a proven track record of teaching others how to start a successful meaningful home business with no large investment and no financial risk. Our business is not MLM, and we donít sell anything. We work entirely from home, on our own terms and at our own pace, creating a solid, reliable, risk-free residual income while helping others live healthier lives.

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14th July 2011

Easy Ways To Save The Planet

Being eco-friendly is probably a lot easier and less painful than it seems. In celebration of Earth Month, it might be time to take a few minutes to consider a switch to more eco-friendly thinking and acting. Here are 5 free and easy ways to get you on ...