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16th November 2011

An Amazing Produst that Does Not Only Treat Acne but Also Acne Scars

Active Ingredients in Acne Treatment Products Alcohol and Acetone. These two active ingredients are usually in acne skin care cleansers and astringents. They are effective in cleansing the skin of dirt and oils. Acne products with alcohols and acetones...

16th November 2011

How can You Prevent Back Acne

Causes of Back Acne Acne vulgaris, or common acne, is an inflammatory reaction occurring in the pilosebaceous units, or PSUs. A PSU includes the hair follicle with a fine hair, the attached sebaceous gland and sebum it produces and the pore. The sebace...

16th November 2011

Biological Burn Scar Treatment Cream

Are you plagued by a skin burn? Does the blemish do more than just affect the consistency of your skin? Does it change your whole attitude and self esteem? There is probably not one single burn victim that wouldn't want to change their burn scar tissue fo...

09th August 2011

Your Options for Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch marks usually appear on certain areas of the body. These areas are the ones that accumulate the most amount of fat like the abdomen, hips, breast, thighs and upper arms. Stretch marks are no more than an esthetic problem, but most people are eager...

02nd August 2011

How to Naturally Remove Acne Scars with Organic Skin Products

As difficult as acne may be, the even more challenging phase may be that of managing the acne scars it will leave behind. The acne scars appear during the healing phase of treating acne when too much collagen forms in one spot within this skin. The wound ...

02nd August 2011

Age Spots Are Pigment Mutations Due to Prolonged Sun Exposure.

What are Age Spots? These skin disfigurements can become quite bothersome both medically and emotionally, sometimes people can characterize their appearance as resembling skin moles. While medically they should be checked by a certified professional, e...

11th July 2011

How Do Tummy Tucks Work and Are They Right for You?

This procedure removes excess fat and skin, and in most cases restores weakened or separated muscles to make a less protruding abdominal profile. The procedure is a strictly cosmetic one, and one should only consider undergoing it as a personal decision ...

05th July 2011

Adaptogens are becoming more and more popular in the skin care world but not too many individuals ar

The name adaptogen is used to allude to a natural product that increases the body's opposition to stresses such as trauma, anxiety, and lethargy. Adaptogens do not block the tangible stress in your life, they just help your bodily organs, skin in this sit...

04th July 2011

Stretchmarks: They are the lines that give us great unpleasantness at the beach

First, let's review what are stretch marks. The most basic explanation is they are scars that occur on the "inside" of the skin. A bit more scientific explanation is that the skin has different layers to it. The first layer is the epidermis followed by th...