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26th September 2011

London as the home of the greatest Theatre Shows

The London Theatre Shows Come to Life on Stage London is one of the greatest cities on Earth. One of the main cultural centers of Europe and the home of some of the greatest stories in the English language. The city that gave us "A Christmas Carol and...

14th September 2011

Why famous Musicals in London should always be a draw for tourists

London Brings Thrill and Excitement to the Theatre with the Musical. The "Musical" is a kind of a hybrid form of entertainment. It takes the drama of the play and the songs of the opera and combines the two into a whole new form of entertainment. The Mu...

07th September 2011

Why London Shows are an unmissable part of any trip to London

London shows are rich and classical. They are inspirational and usually tell a story that can provide hope and insight to one’s life. This article seeks to look at a few of the shows that can be found in the West End of London (London's famous area for Th...