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About Me: Born in Blackfoot,ID. Raised in Pingree,ID. Don't fret if you have never heard of it. It is so small most people who live there have never heard of it. I am Sue Gavin. Married almost 33yrs. to the same guy. I believe I should get some type of tax credit for a job well done. Pingree for grade school and Blackfoot for most of high school. I was married at 17yrs. and we moved around a bit that first year. I ended up going to 3 different high schools but I did graduate on time. I graduated from a place called Goldendale, WA. They even have one street light there. In the middle of town. On the closest freeway the signs didn't say next 2 exits. The signs said next 2 intersections. I worked in Retail Grocery for about 20yrs. Before that I was a waitress, host, fry cook, etc. You know, the same thing most of us end up doing at one time or another. In 1993 my husband had a 5000lb vault door (like in a bank) fall on him. Don't worry he lived. He is just a little disabled. 2007 ended up with me having seizures. Almost unheard of at my age. Especially since I have no prior history of any type of passing out, etc. One seizure fractured a vertebrae and that was the end of my career. Now my hubby and I are trying to make a go of a webstore. Don't know if this is allowed, but I'm old so I am going to do it anyway. Life goes up and down. Just be there for the ups!


23rd September 2011

Lost in the Bunch

Do it now or pay later. Tips to organizing movie collections. Whether the collection is just a few DVDs or a Vidiot collection of several hundred, start organizing with the first movie. This will save the "where is that movie? It was right here yeste...