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22nd June 2010

Simple Outdoor Game for Groups of Children

With the summer brings many opportunities for playgroups, nurseries, play schemes, primary schools and large family groups to get their groups of children out into the warm sunny great outdoors. Now that winter is well and truly behind us, there is no nee...

21st June 2010

Scottish Celebrations for Burns Night and St Andrew’s Night

Around the world, people take the opportunity to celebrate Scottish music and culture in these events as well as enjoy traditional Scottish food. St Andrew's Night St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and St Andrew's Day is celebrated on the...

26th April 2010

100 Years of Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden cosmetics have long been a staple of the fashion industry and it might be surprising to many that this cosmetics company has been going for over 100 years now. Canadian born Florence Nightingale Graham came up with some of the earliest cos...

13th April 2010

Are Online Health And Beauty Products Cheaper?

With so much trade going to websites these days it pays to take a step back every so often to try and evaluate quite how the market has progressed and changed - sometimes not for the better. The birth of ecommerce trading meant that people started to pres...

12th April 2010

The Increasing Popularity of Ceilidh Bands for Wedding Receptions

As anybody who has organised a wedding will know, planning and preparation is key to ensuring a successful day. As important as the actually marriage ceremony, is the evening reception and arranging the best entertainment for your guests, to ensure an enj...

01st April 2010

Who or what is a DJ?

This is quite a difficult question to answer because the job covers so many different media these days. It is often associated with the position of radio announcer or a wedding party entertainer. It can also be associated with nightclubs. Either way, all ...

23rd March 2010

Mobile, the future ecommerce.

The mobile phones we have today are an order of magnitude better in terms of capability compared to previous models. From the size and portability of the current handsets, to the power that these new devices have to run other software, the mobile phone of...

22nd March 2010

How do Online Health and Beauty Retailers get more sales?

The international marketplace that the internet has created has not only meant that a huge number of people have all become potential clients, but also that shops trading online have found that it can be increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd....

19th March 2010

Using Online Stores to Cater to More Customers

Every day more and more companies are making the transition into the online market place. What started as a sales area for niche markets has become standard practice for big businesses to pedal their wares. However with the potential available for online ...

23rd February 2010

Should Shoppers buy their health and beauty products online?

The internet has revolutionised the way people shop, the convenience that people have with being able to choose a time suited to them to shop for their essentials has reached a point where many people don't even consider going to their local high street f...

18th February 2010

Getting Into the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is big business and there will always be a wealth of potential designers and models desperately trying to get their foot in the door. In such a major industry it goes without saying that the competition is fierce and many will get lef...

18th February 2010

Can You Trust a Celebrity Perfume?

Some time ago the realm of perfume creation was that of the designers and specialists. There were the big names synonymous with perfume along with the other more niche varieties. That was where it ended. However over the last couple of decades two things ...

12th February 2010

Buying Fragrances Online

When it comes down to purchasing perfumes and aftershaves, there's a kind of standard format for how it's done. You walk into the store, peruse the various perfume counters and wait for something to catch your eye. You find something, you use a tester to ...

11th February 2010

Are Beauty Products Going Unisex?

There was a time when the idea of men wearing makeup was an absurd idea that was restricted to weirdoes and musicians (often also weirdoes). Makeup and cosmetic products were the domain of women and that was that. However, it's a new age and the idea for ...

09th February 2010

How Hair Care is Becoming Increasingly Available to Men

For years women have been devoted to keeping their hair looking at its best with a variety of styles. A lot of women consider their hair to be their crowning glory and as such want it to really stand out. So they apply a vast array of products and treatme...