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27th July 2011

White Bouquet

White Bouquet is one of those rare paintings that somehow simultaneously manages to be extremely unique but also very well liked and suitable for most tastes and styles. The painting incorporates few colors, but still gives the viewer a complex and ric...

04th July 2011

Flower Skyrise

Flower Skyrise is an elegant and understated piece that uses a subtle, limited palette of luminous beiges, browns and whites that highlight and emphasize the glorious and sophisticated flowers that the viewer is presented with. The soft shapes of the f...

05th June 2011

Abstract Simplicity

This original canvas painting is an exploration of the things that are possible when lines and colors are explored and their composition in relation to one another is altered and constructed in a new way. The lines in this piece are all winding and tan...

05th June 2011

Copper Streaks

Copper Streaks is a playful, whimsical piece that utilizes the same shape across the canvas but is continually reinventing it so the piece stays interesting in every inch of the canvas and with every brush stroke. The brush strokes combined in this p...

04th June 2011


Skyrise is not your typical abstract painting. While maintaining a unique and innovative approach to it's subject matter, the focus of this piece is geometric shapes and a series of lines- a very common subject of paintings that here, is rendered anew in ...

01st June 2011

Mirror Rose

Mirror Rose is a truly stimulating visual experience! This piece incorporates many contrasting colors and diverse sets of lines that make it very visually appealing. It uses bold, rounded lines that keep the mind moving across the canvas as well as soft b...