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12th September 2011

Chicken Recipe - Menudo

Chicken Recipe - Menudo One of the most special chicken recipes in the Philippines is the Chicken menudo. No one can compare this dish to other country and here in the Philippines on which of the chicken recipes Iíve already made is the best among all ...

17th August 2011

Sinigang na Manok second the best

Because I started composing a very healthy and helpful tips and recipes made only from Philippines which makes many different types of dishes, what Iím going to do today is to continue create more about this healthy and beneficial stuff. You may think wha...

28th June 2011

Filipino Recipe Ė Diningding for good metabolism

I admire Filipinos for their passion on cooking. We are also fond of experimenting on different kind of dish, donít we?. In this post I want to share to all of you what to cook to not only satisfy hunger but to also have one of the very important thing in...