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19th September 2011

Painting Art

Indian Painting Art – The Niceties Unleashed Indian painting art tends to possess a soul and this is one basic reason why amateurs and experts always try and give their 100% while coming out with a picture. Before getting going with the painting process,...

05th September 2011

Black and White Photography

The Beauty of Black And White Photography Black and white photography holds a special fascination for many photographers as well as non photographers. While the catchy colorful designs of regular photographs help the picture to stand out, the ability to ...

25th August 2011

Oil Paintings

Mesmerizing Oil Paintings Paintings are considered one of the most beautiful creations of man, bearing the power to exert a pull on the spectator. And among these, oil paintings personify the beauty of the genre of paintings, as a whole. Simply put, oil ...

19th August 2011

Wall Art- Effects and Benifits for Hospital Wall Decor

Wall Art has always been considered a means to decorate walls of homes and offices around the world as well as i India. The sole purpose choosing wall art as a chief wall decor product has always been associated with its artistic beauty, attraction and a ...

16th August 2011

Contemporary Indian Art

Indian Contemporary Art The tremendously vast scope of Indian art intertwines with its cultural history, philosophies and religions, placing art production and its patronage in cultural and social contexts. There is a strong sense of design which is char...

12th August 2011

Buy Art Online

ArtE Fraternity’s art gallery you can buy the works of emerging contemporary Indian artists online. You can purchase works of not only emerging artists but some well known established Contemporary Artists as well. The art gallery also cate...

12th July 2011

Indian Contemporary Art

ArtE Fraternity is online art gallery which sells and buys artwork online worldwide. The vision of ArtE Fraternity originates from a small painting made by a dear friend who still manages to move me like the first time I saw him and my inner eye was stron...

11th May 2011

Wall Art India

Bedroom is the most important part of one’s life. It is a fact that we spent almost one third out lives inside our bedroom which might keep changing over time and even then shall always remain special. Ever wondered what special you could do to enhance th...