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13th June 2011

Mobile Phone Repair - Todayís Must

The modern world is moving too fast and people literally depend on their cellular phones for communication, it becomes difficult to communicate when a mobile phone gets damaged. Mobile Phone repair becomes a top priority as people canít do without the use...

13th June 2011

IPhone repairs Needs priority

In the modern world things are moving pretty fast and to adopt ourselves with the speed of this fast paced world we are also moving fast. Cellular phones have become integral part of life. iPhones of Apple has become a top most choice of many people. It b...

13th June 2011

Broken Screen Repair - Just a matter of time

The modern world has invented many gadgets amongst which cell phone has become the gadget of great importance. Almost every single person is to some extent dependent on cellular phone in their daily living. In case the mobile phone gets damaged people get...

13th June 2011

A Tale of Cell Phone Repair

In the modern world cellular phone is an important gadget which people carry with them all the while. People are quite dependent on cell phones not only for calls but also for other advantages of cell phones. There are so many advantages to name like Stor...

06th May 2011

What Makes Funny Comic Strips Funny?

From the readersí perspective there are several ingredients that make funny comic strips funny. That is why a good idea for those planning to make comic strips is to look at existing graphic novels, comic strip websites and other humor dedicated vehicles ...

06th May 2011

The World of Funny Comic Strips

If you look around yourself, there is humor all around. Whether it is business or professional setups, companies or social organisations, promotional events or festive celebrations, one can find humor in almost anything and everything. You can find funny ...

06th May 2011

The Art of Creating Funny Comic Strips

If there is one thing that we cannot get enough of, it is humor. Even as our lifestyles become busier by the day and the opportunities to laugh are getting reduced, funny comic strips become more precious than they have ever been. A lot of magazines, news...

06th May 2011

Funny Comic Strips From the House of Humor

There are a lot of funny comic strips that one would come across starting from magazines and newspapers to online sites. However, a lot of them lack in depth and soul, which are important for generating humor. More importantly, humor needs not only a them...

06th May 2011

A Few Tips to Create Funny Comic Strips

There are several aspects that go into funny comic strips. Although one doesnít start creating funny comic strips overnight, you have to remember that humor is something that has no barriers and can be developed. Humor involves sharp intellect, sense of t...