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31st May 2011

Children's Birthday Parties - Healthy Style

Even if you stick to healthy eating principles most of the time for yourself and your children, it's harder to keep this up when it comes to giving a birthday party for your child. Most party food is a dietary nightmare, but you still want your child to h...

29th December 2009

A child grows and develops into a complete human being

A child undergoes two important stages in her life so she can reach her full potential. Maria Montessori observed the children. Maria Montessori pioneered the Montessori Method. She emphasized the importance of the child's active participation towards ...

16th December 2009

A Child's Absorbent Mind

From the moment a child is born, he starts to take in all that is happening in his surroundings. He notices the people around him. He absorbs some of these words. He then attempts to mimic them. In a few months, he will say his first word, "mama". M...