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20th April 2011

Wanda McKiver and her Creations

This talented girl is wooing her fans by a wide range of food for thought. Her concerns primarily being domestic violence, suicide and molestations, Wanda McKiver has taken up the challenge of arousing the world that has bee lulled to sleep by complacent ...

20th April 2011

Wanda McKiver and her contributions

Wanda McKiver, a writer, playwright, a producer, and a mother of five and a leading lady of the African American generation. She has taken the task of revolting against the shunned social and household practices that plague most of communities. Wanda is t...

20th April 2011

Going Social the Personal Way!

What could be better than taking up a social issue and matching its hues with the ones that touch everybody’s life? She embarks upon a journey that starts from her childhood memories and spreads its wings out to a wider world that is still overcast with u...

20th April 2011

Beautiful: A tale of two sisters

Many Women in African American community struggled hard to live a life with dignity and self respect. With her book ‘Beautiful’ Wanda has tried to bring out the dark side of the community. Wanda McKiver, the colored girl from New Jersey, has a colored m...