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04th May 2011

Usefulness of customer product reviews

Customer product reviews play a crucial role in success or failure of a product. Consumers vent their opinion regarding products available in the market. They write their experiences whether good or bad with a product or company. As a user, one can write ...

04th May 2011

Reasons behind popularity of product review websites

Product review websites provide a platform to the consumers to vent their opinion regarding products they have used. The sites allow everyone irrespective of his age or profession to writer reviews on various products available in market. One can write hi...

14th April 2011

Why you shouldn’t read online product reviews?

Every time a new product is launched, the web is filled by tons of reviews of that new specific product. Numerous online product reviews websites invite Internet users to sit and write reviews of the products, items or goods they have used. People share t...

08th April 2011

Why should people rely on consumer product reviews?

Reading Consumer product reviews is the best way to find out whether a specific item or merchandise is of your use or not. There are billions of websites that invite users to write reviews about various products available in the market. And there are tril...