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16th June 2011

Want to Become a Dancer and Perform Like Remo? - Here is the Help

Dance is a beautiful expression, a process whereby the dancer finds his true self. The dancer simply loses himself and enjoys the freedom and creativity he experiences when he dances. There are many who took up dancing very seriously and made a shining ca...

09th June 2011

How to Find the Best Film Production Company?

A film production company, as one can easily guess, produces films. However there is a whole lot of work it undergoes while making a movie. And if you are looking for a film production company for your project, there are certain factors you need to keep i...

01st June 2011

Dance School Join a Professional Networking Website and Experience the Change

At a time when TV channels are flooded with dance shows, many new dance schools and studios have started springing-up in India. So suddenly dance schools are seeing newer opportunities as well as fresh competition. Every dance school or studio is making e...

18th April 2011

Want to Become a Radio Jockey? Here is the Help

Now-a-days, the youth in India is looking beyond than just becoming a doctor, engineer or lawyer. They have options. In-fact they have n numbers of options to take-up and make the most of their lives. The FM boom has also created and is still creating hun...

08th April 2011

Television Choreographers Here is the Help

Do you love dancing and music? Do you want to make your own way, and not tread the traditional routes? Do you want to become a choreographer? If yes, here is the help for you. Are you watching all those dance shows on TV channels? Participants do diff...