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28th September 2011

Hair removal in different social and cultural contexts

There are many reasons why hair removal is mandated. For some people, it is a religious tradition that must be observed. Monks of some religions have rituals wherein they completely shave their heads. In sports, some athletes like swimmers and cyclists, r...

28th September 2011

Painless bikini waxing to enable bikini-wearing

Hitting the beach entails some fun preparation. Aside from the things and clothes you need, you also need to shape up your body. Many try to lose weight and shape up, since going to the beach involves some body exposure. Most women search for and buy new ...

26th September 2011

The Different Temporary Hair Removal Methods

One of the beautification habits that most women practice is hair removal. As flaunting a beautiful, fair skin is the norm, women are very conscious about too much hair growth. They remove unwanted hair from body areas such as the eyebrows, chin, legs, ar...

23rd May 2011

Painless Bikini Waxing 101

Women, most especially during the summer season, are generally obsessed and psyched about fitting into their skimpy swimsuits. One of the main concerns aside from love handles and uneven skin tone is the polishing of skin in terms of unwanted hair in seve...

23rd May 2011

Bikini Waxing At Home

Itís that time of year again where women clad in skimpy swimsuits parade pools and beaches, get a natural tan or swim to their heartís content; itís that time of year again, where bikini waxing is more in demand than ever so women can wear those sexy swim...