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22nd March 2011

Introduce Your Child to World of Web

As a parent it is your responsibility to shape up the academic career of your child. The research has revealed that students who get immense support from their parents shine as a student. Those children who get parental guidance and supervision while prac...

22nd March 2011

Involve Your Children in Problem Solving

When children bring their problems to us, we try to explain to them the solutions. However, we get easily frustrated when after repeated attempts we are not able to completely teach or explain them. But, the best thing is do not try to explain the solutio...

22nd March 2011

Flash Card Software: An Advanced Tool for Learning

Flash card software is a new dimension in web-based learning. Whether you are preparing for SAT, TOEFL or are studying for University Grade Exams, the best method is learning through the online flash cards. There are many websites that offer flash card P...

22nd March 2011

Using Computer Flash Cards the Right Way

Over the years, traditional flash cards have been used to teach all the skills right from addition to multiplication to phonics. Even now the flash cards are very much in vogue. However, the focus is shifted from buy flash cards to computer flash cards. ...

22nd March 2011

Flash Cards: An Effective Vocabulary Building Tool

Traditionally, the only way of improving word power was to read many books and literature and search for the meaning of difficult words. However, in this fast paced environment, we hardly have any time left to read challenging literature. Many people pref...

22nd March 2011

Quiz Builder to Improve Math Skills

Teaching math to middle school students is not an easy job. Whether, it is algebra or geometry, it is a tedious job to learn math skills and at the same time it is difficult to teach these skills. Math is usually considered as an insightful yet boring su...

22nd March 2011

Interactivity and Online Training

Over the years, learning theories have proved that a person requires undivided attention when learning. This attention is difficult to capture. In fact, the effectiveness of training or learning course lies in holding the attention of a learner. Whether ...

22nd March 2011

Tips to Use Quiz As a Teaching Tool

Quizzes have been effectively used as a teaching and learning tool in education. Teachers have often relied on this trusted tool to boost the performance in students as well as to appraise their performance against the set parameters. However, with the ...