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06th June 2012

A couple of tips when buying some canvas photo printing

Since canvas printing was started it has always been very popular it is a great way to make canvas artwork quickly and cheaply for say mass producing your artwork before canvas printing if you wanted a hundred copies of a picture the artist would have to...

16th May 2012

Making a little profit out of canvas photo printing

Canvas printing is amazing and If itís not an old work of art painted on a more traditional piece of canvas then itís a more modern work of art or indeed a canvas print from photos or some kind of design that has been printed onto canvas because you can g...

26th March 2012

Would my photo look ok on canvas

When you want to have your wonderful photos printed on canvas its very easy and also a very effective way to show off your most prized images, itís a way to celebrate the best times in your life and what would be the best way to do this other than having ...

10th February 2012

Canvas artwork from your images and what to look for

Here are a lot of guidelines for you when you come to buy a canvas art print. First thing is you want to be interacting with a company that treats each personal order with visual appeal and care, this way you will always be on top and your canvas artwork ...

27th January 2012

Canvas print and canvas photo

Changing an image into a wonderful work of art can be much easier than you can imagine. Fantastic and vivid colours enhance your favourite photos on brilliant textured inkjet canvas which is stretched around professional stretcher bar frames is the best w...

20th December 2011

How to make a canvas print

There are a few different approaches to making a canvas print. You need to ask your self is you want to have a canvas printing company print the canvas and send to you as a rolled canvas for you to then framed and sell on yourself or if you want to purcha...

12th December 2011

Photo to canvas

Photos to canvas are brilliant, just amazing, Iím a really big fan of this method of printing your photos on canvas for wall art. Lots of my friends have a variety of pictures printed on canvas and they are all from the same company so I think I have made...

25th November 2011

Canvas art and canvas prints and paintings

How having your artwork printed on canvas can be a very valuable thing not only to your lifestyle but potentially your job to. So basically youíre an artists and all you want is people to recognise your work and to be loved by the whole world, basically e...

16th November 2011

Inspiration with art and printing

Did you know that if put your mind to it you could come up with some that is not only very unique but is also very creative and can have a big impact on you and your life. I have seen allot of different artwork masterpieces made in my time, there is lo...

31st October 2011

Canvas prints and canvas printing from photos

Canvas prints from your photos is a brilliant way to show off not only your great high res images but itís a way of keeping hold of those favourite memories that you treasure throughout your life. A couple of ideas to help you decide which image to have p...

31st October 2011

Canvas photo printing into art

Amazing canvas prints can come at a price, if you were to have a brilliant photograph that you want transferred into a canvas print then the best place to look is online. There is loads of different online shops that can give you the quality that youíre l...

11th October 2011

Paintings and photos

Art is in the eye of the beholder, if you got a photo and you are able to produce a painting from this then that really is talent, its recognised today as being a painter or an artist. Because there is so many talented people and artists out there today a...

11th October 2011

Canvas photo printing

Canvas photo printing is a brilliant idea. If you had a photo that you wished you could have on canvas or even if you had a favourite photo form an event or from a special memory its really great idea to have it blown up onto canvas and there you can show...

28th September 2011

What is creative art

Wow, what a subject to be writing an article about. Art in many peopleís eyes is love passion and the moment its self when you endower that subject that you so much love but art can be a very funny thing as to opinion and taste in ones matter. If you too...

28th September 2011

The Canvas Print

A Canvas print is also known as a giclee canvas print or canvas art. It is also known as a stretched canvas to which results in an image or photo to be transferred by a large format printer onto the canvas fabric by printing which is to displayed on a wal...