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03rd June 2011

Casting Director Neely Gurman gives her two-cents

Neely Gurman has been working on her own for 3 years now and she’s loving it. From being an intern, assistant and associate at a talent agency and at the prestigious Universal Studios, to wrapping a music video and a short film about the holocaust, she ce...

11th May 2011

Ashley Greene on Twilight

Luck was on actor Ashley Greene’s side. At least that’s what she thinks all aspiring actors need to have to be in this ‘cut throat’ industry. Best known for playing the bubbly, optimistic and ‘future reader’ vampire, Alice Cullen, in the film adaptations ...

08th March 2011

Headshots Los Angeles: Interview with Photographer Lesley Bohm

When picking a headshot, what do you think? Should actors go with their gut or with what their agent or manager says? What do you think about that? I really recommend an actor pick – it’s hard. You need a few different opinions because you always want...