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28th March 2011

What You Should Know About BPAs

By Laurelinda When I refer to BPA, Iím not talking about the Bonneville Power Administration. No, Iím referring to Bisphenol-A, an organic compound that has been used in plastic and resin products to strengthen them and make them more scratch-proof sin...

22nd March 2011

Things to Know When Reading Labels

By Jodi Lee Feed your family pure, natural, organic muffins, swaddle your baby in pure, natural, organic lotions, nurture your health with pure, natural, organic products. And rest easy knowing you have done the best for your loved ones. You might ...

22nd March 2011

Recycling Cell Phones

By Erika Parker Price One of the pressing environmental questions of 2011 is how we can do a better job of going green with our cell phones. A few years ago, before the advent of the smart phone, the EPA measured the average life-cycle of a cell phone...