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08th April 2011

Cost Effective Live Event Filming

When trying to save money live event filming itís best to have as minimal crew as possible. The only problem is that you are essentially jeopardising the final edit, so keep in mind where itís best to save and where you must payout! If itís a large ev...

14th March 2011

The History of Corporate Video Production Ė Part 1

Before we look at the history of corporate video production, itís worth taking a quick look into the future and predicting what we may see in 2011, 2012, 2013 and beyond. My first corporate video prediction is the death of Blu-Ray in its present form. ...

11th March 2011

The Benefits of Live Event Filming

Live Event filming is more than just pointing a camera at the action - it's about capturing the mood, the atmosphere, the nuances that make an event unique. Hire a crew that have experience filming all manner of events from product launches, to company k...

04th March 2011

Live Event Filming Tips

There is no storyboard, there are no second takes, there may be a schedule but its not necessarily set in stone. Live event filming is about knowing how to work with the unpredictable, which can be stressful if not prepared. Our best live filming experie...