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22nd February 2011

New York State Senate's Democratic Majority Passes Legislative Package To Approve No-Fault Divorce

Forty years ago, no-fault divorce was a controversial topic. Among the arguments made against it was that the full-time homemaker would lose leverage if unilateral divorce became a reality. But the American household has changed considerably over the year...

22nd February 2011

Finding Hidden Treasures In Tax Returns

I often tell of my first experience as an expert witness in a matrimonial matter. At that time there was not a plethora of literature that addressed the search for omitted income or hidden assets. Much of what we now call forensic accounting was performed...

22nd February 2011

Would Cliff Lee Be Able To Keep It All If He Divorced In New York?

December is an exciting month for sports fans, particularly New York sports fans. The areaís football teams are both bidding for playoff berths; basketball and hockey fans are settling in with mixed feelings about their teamís early performance; and major...