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12th September 2011

The Best Strategy To Draw Portraits Well

Being a keen artist, albeit a newcomer one, there was always one question on the tip of my tongue; "How do I draw people?". I myself had been asking this exact question for some time and found the best answer to my question online by downloading among th...

10th May 2011

Learn How To Draw People Through Technique And Practice

If you come across an excellent sketch of a person, first thing comes to your mind is if you could also be gifted with the way how to draw people. But the fact is that you do not need to be born with the skill to draw people. Similar to other types of com...

21st February 2011

Appreciation Of Asian Flower Paintings and Floral Art

I have numerous in my selection and love everyone of them. The first Asian flower painting {that I|whichIbought was Japanese. It was among a series of 12 paintings which i purchased that were created by Vu Viet Hung. I have them all over my personal ...