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07th June 2011

Cladding demonstrates the importance of communication

As the design of building facades becomes more intricate, the need is apparent for a more detailed and structured approach to rainscreen cladding specification and installation. More and more buildings feature facades, that combine different types of clad...

04th May 2011

A valuable lesson in reducing carbon footprints:

School heating and cooling systems need to precisely follow the health and safety laws, as well as creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for all students. Too hot, and the students become lethargic and unwilling to learn, whereas too cold, the ...

25th February 2011

Climate change: what can be done about it?

Climate Change is the largest problem currently and it is going to impact upon us in a variety of ways. Not only will some country’s find themselves submerging under the ferocious sea, but others could find the adverse weather conditions disrupting their ...