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10th May 2011

About Renewable Energy and Wind Power

In this time of energy crisis and rapidly increasing costs, renewable energy sources are becoming more and more prominent. Renewable energy is defined as any source of energy that is naturally replenished. These sources include solar, geothermal, hydro, a...

10th May 2011

Wind Energy: A Modern Solution To Supplementing Electricity

Wind turbines are more effective, affordable and reliable today than they have ever been. In the past, wind generators were used primarily in large scale commercial wind farms, but all of that is beginning to change. With a renewed interest in alternative...

10th May 2011

Wind Turbines for the Home

Wind turbines are devices that convert energy into electricity. Local wind conditions determine placement, while aerodynamic modeling determines the shape of the blade, the orientation of the axis and the number of blades or other wind-catching forms. All...

10th May 2011

Wind Turbines: The Wave of the Future?

Although relatively new in the world of energy production, the concept behind wind turbines actually goes back centuries to the use of water-run turbines in mills, and then more recently to hydroelectric power generation. The main difference between those...