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07th June 2011

IATA - A Helping Hand in Conserving Environment from Hazardous Materials

The most important fact is that every living being is concerned for its survival and man in his attempt to survive has done numerous harms to the environment. Man has tried to reform nature according to his needs and for his own convenience. The nature ha...

12th April 2011

IMDG - An Elemental Course for HAZMAT Novices

Loads and loads of hazardous materials are shipped and transported almost on a daily basis. These dangerous materials, collectively termed as HAZMAT, include inflammable items, deadly chemicals and certain poisonous drugs that are used in making basic com...

05th April 2011

Hazardous Materials Consultant - The Environment Guardian

Environment is an issue that is being discussed in every household in the contemporary times. The reason to this sudden hullabaloo regarding environment is the fact that it is deteriorating at an alarming rate causing devastating natural disasters with un...

11th March 2011

Hazardous Materials Consultant An Assurer of Safe Environment

To live happily, you not only need to take precautions for yourself but your environment as well. In the present world, safety has cropped up as one of the primary factors owing to the rapid corrosion of the environment conditions as well as the diminishi...