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04th March 2011

Ulysses, a modern waster land

Speaking one of my favorite writers, James Joyce, you can’t ignore of his masterpiece Ulysses, which practically revealed the mental attitude of people living in Dublin at that time and laid a great influence in modern period literature. To my big surp...

24th February 2011

Magic card

Have you guys ever noticed that we are living in a “cards world”, we can purchase some expensive commodity by our credit card monthly; we can save our dollar in our pocket as much as possible by discount card, we can buy daily commodity in the specific su...

15th February 2011

Fuel contamination

As the development of science and technology in 21 century, say, the invention of usb 2.0 and mobile phone, the speedy update of computer and electronics, modern transportation also makes a huge progress in its area; if you walk out of your apartment and ...