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10th February 2011

Raising public awareness of mobile handset recycling

Escalating public awareness The majority of people continue to simply throw their mobile phone away or leave them sitting around in draws. We have been doing what we can to boost the awareness of sensible mobile disposal and recycling however its provi...

10th February 2011

Do you know the Advantages of Recycling Your Old Cellular phone?

It's understandable the telephone you might have on your bottom line will become outmoded, that's simply technology as well as the world we are now living in. If you're an on-the-go, technically savvy person, it's likely you may need an upgrade at some p...

10th February 2011

What on earth is my mobile made of?

Every phone has a rechargable battery, a Liquid crystal display screen made from mercury, transmitters created from beryllium, a vibrator produced from coltan, diodes containing antimony, circuit board solder made out of lead, arsenic-based semiconductors...