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22nd November 2011

DIY Origami Decorations You Can Use for the Party

Origami decorations look beautiful and very stylish. It takes some colored paper and folding skills to make incredible flowers, stars and other types of origami items that can be used during a party. You will need time to experiment with origami ideas ...

30th March 2011

Popular Animal Themes for Parties, Decorating, and Designs

There is something compelling about animal prints and designs. It brings out the wild side of human nature. A woman in a leopard print dress sends a message about who she is and what she is capable of. A man in a leather jacket gives off a kind of raw ...

11th March 2011

Common Excuses for Not Going to a Party or Event

It happens to everyone. You get invited to a party or event and you desperately don't want to attend. What to do? You must give an excuse to get out of going to the party. There is an art to creating the right excuse for the occasion. Read on to find...

10th March 2011

Popular Movie Theme Songs

A good movie theme song will take you back to the movie every time you hear it. How many times have you heard a song on the radio and could envision, not only what was happening on the movie screen at that moment, but exactly where you were as well? Mus...