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18th February 2011

Connection Between Obesity and School Bullying Discovered

Bullying is a delicate subject which has become a menace to the younger generation's learning environment. According to recent surveys 30 % of teens in the United States, and 90 % of children gave an account to being victims of school bullying. Co...

11th February 2011

How to Deal With School Bullies

Have you been a victim of bullies? Many schools are attempting to do necessary steps to put an end to school bullying. However, many would argue that these measures arenít sufficient to stop bullying. On the other hand, there are many anti bullying advice...

07th February 2011

Telltale Signs of Bullying on Your Child

Bullies always prey on weak kids who canít seem to stand up for themselves. Bullying is common many schools. Your child actually could be a victim of school bullying. You may not be aware of it, but your child may be suffering in silence because of the co...

03rd February 2011

School Bullies - Signs Your Kid Is Being Bullied

If your child is acting strange, you might need to observe closely to know if he has become a victim of school bullying. You need to handle them before the bullying situation becomes worse. Make it a point to constantly talk to your kid to build a strong ...