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29th May 2011

Business Communication Strategies: Go Global

Most businesses aim at creating strategies for maximal productivity and financial gain. A top end business strategy would involve careful planning, communication and execution. In developing all strategies a lot of emphasis is laid on planning and executi...

23rd May 2011

Get the Know-How of an Event Management Tool

Events, get-togethers and happenings are quite common instances in everyone’s life. You must have attended events where interaction and exchange of thoughts are common aspects. It is always interesting to attend those glamorous events with an ecstatic atm...

06th April 2011

Is There Any Role Of Android Apps In Business?

Did you know that recent research by the company comScore has estimated that very soon Android market in the US will surpass the iPhone market? It has further reported that since July 2010, there has been 23.5% increase in the Android apps usage. So, it s...

05th April 2011

How Android Apps Help In Education?

Technological advancements are being adopted for educational purposes in addition to business, medical, and other important professional sectors. Today, disseminating education and teaching with the help of Android applications is a fast-catching developm...

05th April 2011

Are Android Apps Secured?

Generally the Android platform offers a rich secured platform for the users. There are security applications for the Android that allow accessibility and storage of important personal and confidential data. But, there are loads of third party applications...

05th April 2011

Top Uses of Latest Mobile Apps

Since its advent in the year 2007, Smartphones have changed the whole concept of mobile phones. Smartphones are much more developed than general cell phones - both functionally as well as technically. Prior to the inventions of iPhones and Smartphones, ac...

04th April 2011

Top Benefits of Event Marketing Software for Event Management Companies

Are you planning to organize some events to give your company a boost? Then, you should first check whether you are well-prepared to face your competitors. While having a strong human resource is necessary, you should also adopt appropriate technology to ...

04th April 2011

The 5 Must-Have Android Apps for Rooted Devices

So you have bought a new phone for yourself. Oh! It’s an Android! These smartphones are really good when you want to use them to make your life easier. Now, you must be thinking – “…how can a phone make my life easier?” Well, it’s not just the phone, but ...

04th April 2011

Top 4 Android Apps Digital Marketers Cannot Ignore

If you are one individual who likes to stay updated with the latest happenings in the world of trade and commerce…you would surely know that traditional marketing tactics have taken a back seat in the present world. Now-a-days everyone around have started...

31st March 2011

Some Handy iPhone Mobile Apps for Teachers

In recent years, iPhone mobile apps have become quite a hit among teachers and educators, thanks to their convenience of use and a wide array of facilities. Initially educational smart phone applications were not so popular, however things began changing ...

31st March 2011

iPhone Apps for Travel: Carry the World in Your Pocket

With travel literally meaning being on the move, resources that help to make traveling easier and hassle-free top the list for most of those who want to travel light. Clean interface, intuitive functionality, and utility are some basic reasons why smart p...

30th March 2011

Smartphone Mobile Apps: The Success Story in Banking

While online banking through a desktop computer is more convenient than going to the bank and physically depositing a check, today’s banking customers demand facilities even while they are on the move. Smartphone mobile apps for banking are becoming a hug...

30th March 2011

Mobile Apps: The Next Big Thing in Banking

Banking on the move seems to be the next big thing for banks worldwide. And spearheading this movement surely is a host of applications that are easily downloadable via smartphones. The best thing about these software programs are that they are convenient...

30th March 2011

iPhone Mobile Apps Make Learning Fun

Apple’s iPhones offer a lot when it comes to educational applications, and these promise to make learning fun anytime, anywhere. The best thing about these iPhone mobile apps is that they combine byte-sized learning modules with graphics and generally, ar...

29th March 2011

How Mobile Apps are Changing the Retail Ballgame

Did you know that nearly 60% of shoppers in the US said in a survey that they would use mobile phones for their holiday shopping? A recent study has found that people would rather use a cellphone than a laptop as their primary device while they are in tra...