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06th April 2011

DirecTV Whole-Home DVR Scam

A lot of satellite TV providers have flooded the markets in the United States. One among these is DirecTV that garnered a lot of popularity over the years, but recently is facing many controversies, as it is alleged to follow malpractices that are unethic...

04th April 2011

Satellite TV Providers And Subscribers’ Misfortune

People around the United States of America are having great time with satellite TV providers, who offer great number of packages with hundreds of channels airing finest programs, movies and sports. But it seems that since they have had enough good times w...

04th April 2011

Increasing Goof Ups Of Satellite TV Providers

Satellite TV providers are having a good time over subscribers. They are using them for their advantage and using unethical business means to rope into customers as well into their scams. In fact, rising number of complaints proves the fact that they are ...

22nd March 2011

DirecTV Offers Higher Price For Vods - Is It Worth Investing?

Satellite TV providers offer a lot of deals every now and then to attract customers or to retain them. They employ every means to increase their revenues and expand business opportunities. No doubt, these offers and deals are lucrative, but it has some fl...

22nd March 2011

Customer Complaints Against Satellite TV Service Providers

Shifting from cable TV to satellite TV for having better entertainment experience? Then make sure you know all the terms and the complications involved in such processes. You may want to unleash digital entertainment but may end up spending a lot of your ...

07th March 2011

Can You Invest In Satellite TV Providers?

A big question has grown in our hearts – is satellite TV providers worthy of investing our hard earned money? Reason is obvious, for all the goof ups and scams created by DirecTV. People are in a dilemma as to whether to subscribe in different packages or...

28th February 2011

Satellite TV Following Deceptive Policies

The United States of America has several satellite TV providers which are picked by customers for their entertainment needs. A lot of them have brought good programming packages, with hidden charges though. In fact, because of these few satellite TV provi...

28th February 2011

Satellite TV And Misleading Marketing Strategies

Satellite TV providers have long been in the market and offering several offers and deals to attract consumers. Indeed, people have been drawn towards these popular providers for several reasons. They offer great promotional packs, numerous programming pa...

21st February 2011

Disadvantages Of Satellite TV Providers In The US

Satellite TV providers have gripped the nation of America with its programming packages and offers. For long, satellite TV providers are in the run and continue to lure subscribers with its promotions. They do everything to lead the race in the market and...

16th February 2011

Directv Lies To Retain Customers

The most popular and now the most criticized satellite TV provider in the United States of America, Directv has been reported to lie in order to retain customers. Yes, business giants like DirecTV is following unfair and unethical business practices to ho...

14th February 2011

Poor Csrs Of Directv Driving Away Consumers

A leading satellite TV provider, Directv is once again making news for its customer services now. Consumers are having tough time dealing with customer service representatives (CSRs) of DirecTV. What led subscribers to connect to CSRs of this provider? We...

14th February 2011

Subscribers Win The Battle Over Directv

Subscribers have truly won the long-run battle over DirecTV, which is one of the reputed satellite TV providers in America. Directv has agreed to pay $13.25 million compensation as a settlement to the Attorney Generals of all the 50 states of the US. Cons...

03rd February 2011

Directv Resolves Ambiguous Advertising Complaints

Long running lawsuit against the satellite giant, Directv is resolved as the provider settles dispute by paying the State a huge fine of $13.25 million and even agreed to pay compensation to subscribers who were grieved of its dubious policies that did no...