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25th July 2011

How to Make Your Own Teddy Bear

You have decided to surprise a loved one. You know how important and amazing it is to create a present yourself. Teddy bears are traditional gifts for children and for loved ones. The teddy bear is a classical item that will never go out of fashion. It...

14th February 2011

Ideas for Party Favors that You Can Use for Any Occasion

Special family occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and baby showers are the perfect opportunity for friends and relatives to get together and cherish the moment. But occasions like these shouldn’t be one way gift-giving events. In some cases...

27th January 2011

The Best Way to Write Thank-You Notes

There comes a time when a simple e-mail will not be enough to show your thanks. And a phone call won't cut it, either. So what should you do? Write a thank-you note, of course! There are some tips and tricks to show you the best way to write thank-you not...