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06th March 2011

Chronicle of a Doomed Uprising: The Egyptian Revolution

In January 2011, the peoples of the Middle East began their march towards seizing a share in the leadership and resources of their countries, following centuries in which they were deprived of this share by various ruling oligarchies. This uprising, which...

06th March 2011

Social Networks Harnessed by Protest Movement in Egypt

On January 25, 2011, Egypt's Police Day, various political bodies declared a "Day of Rage," which was marked by massive demonstrations, unlike any seen in the country since 1977. Tens of thousands of people attended the gatherings, which were held simulta...

14th February 2011

Fourth Issue of the English-Language AQAP Magazine

The fourth issue of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's English-language magazine "Inspire", released January 16, is above all a recruitment effort aimed at Muslims in the West. It features a cover story by Yemeni-American sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki, content ...