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28th January 2011

Benefits of Kukui Nut Oil in Natural Soap

Kukui Nut Oil has a long tradition in Hawaii, but in recent times it gained global recognition. One of its main advantages is that it makes the skin look younger and smoother without being greasy. The oil is obtained from the seeds of Aleurites moluccana ...

28th January 2011

Natural soap: Gentle, Effective and Eco Friendly

Natural soaps are made of natural ingredients and some of them are made of original vegetable-oil base. The blend of different nutritional ingredients creates high quality soaps that clean, moisturize and retain the natural beauty of the skin. Sometimes, ...

25th January 2011

Natural Soap News: Get the dirt on Commercial Soap

Do you use a natural soap bar or a chemical detergent bar? Can you tell the difference between them? Do you know that most people are not aware that there is a difference? In super markets and grocery stores we can find mostly chemical based deterge...