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26th January 2011

Alien Breed 2: Assault Game Review

Alien invasion is one of the oldest concepts in the book and to be honest, it never gets old. The thrill of ruthlessly killing the alien scums is immense. From the looks, Alien breed 2 is just an ordinary top down arcade shooter in which your main objecti...

25th January 2011

Game Review: Just Dance 2

Just Dance was the title that blew every retailer’s mind by that fact that they had to order more, more and then some more. There was no real hype to Just Dance; it seemed to be just another Wii dance game. Even after reviewing it and thinking on its rele...

20th January 2011

A User Review of AirDisplay 1.0.1

Mac users frequently extoll the benefits of a second display for increasing productivity. Unfortunately, LCD monitors are costly, and can leave you tangled up in cables. AirDisplay 1.0.1 presents a good solution – it extends Mac desktops wirelessly by an ...

20th January 2011

Save Time: Buy Mobile Phones Online

Save Time: Buy Mobile Phones Online Mobile phones are perhaps the most marvelous invention in the history of telecommunications industry. Before the emergence of mobile phones, landlines used to be the primary source of communication and there was alwa...

19th January 2011

Guide to Cheap Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are an indispensable necessity for us and no individual tech savvy or otherwise would deny this fact. Mobile phones available in the market have transcended their basic function of simply being a communication device and have taken on multif...

12th January 2011

AT&T raises the Smartphone Upgrading Fee

One of the largest cellphone carriers in United States, AT&T has recently raised the price for up gradation of the Smartphones. Now all the customers of the service who are hoping to upgrade to an AT&T Smartphone earlier than the limit or the time span se...