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07th June 2011

Ethnic cleansing - A curse to humanity

This is an era of globalization where the entire world has started to get well knitted in the form a village. People from most of the urban sites on earth are now happily living together as a multi-ethnic society and almost every event is celebrated like ...

07th June 2011

Lie cannot be defended

It is very easy to be a liar but very tough to tell the truth or become a truthful person. This is a very common perception. People tend to speak more and more lie in his/ her day to day activity as the truth requires courage and conviction. Even people f...

07th June 2011

Plastic Pollution

The next time you do the shopping and carry home the things in a cute, comfy plastic carry-bag, think: you are contributing your share to a deadly pollution whose ill-effects are irreversible and capable of reaching out to numerous generations to come. P...

07th June 2011

Political Ideologies and Administration in India

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” – John F Kennedy Going by the above statement by JFK, I would li...

18th May 2011

About the Indian Passion for Corruption

Once there was a milkman who delivered milk to a busy middle class society of Mumbai. As part of his daily ritual, he milked his cows early morning, collected the milk in a utensil, measured the day's produce and then, as his unspoken responsibility as th...

18th May 2011

Already Forgotten- Aruna Shanbaug

First of all what is euthanasia. Euthanasia can also be termed as assisted suicide, physician-assisted suicide (dying), doctor-assisted dying (suicide), and more loosely it is termed as mercy killing, which basically means to take a deliberate action with...

20th April 2011

Take a Pledge to Save the Children

We all are made to believe that good times are here. That India is the next big thing to watch out for one the world map. Statistics are speaking aloud that Indian economy is flourishing and everybody, right from the top economists to the top astrologers ...

07th April 2011

Hour Of Change

You might have noticed that the last few blog weeks have been utilized in trying to highlight the importance of energy conservation. Let it be said that there is no coincidence at work in Earth Hour being around the corner and Jaago Re deciding to open yo...

07th April 2011

Soaring High on the Wings of Hope

19-year-old Warrant Officer Hena Pore became the first girl pilot and NCC cadet from the state of Rajasthan to fly a Microlite Zen Air STOL CH-701 aircraft on the foggy morning of 27th January in 2007. WOW! The SOS Children’s Village in Jaipur, where Hen...

21st March 2011

Jaago Re Groups: A bridge to Offline Participation is a portal we created to get everyone in India to come online to talk about the issues plaguing our country. And now that we’re a 22000 member strong community, it’s about time we get ambitious. Let’s all convert the online zeal that everyone...

21st March 2011

India—are you in a coma?

Mohan Murti, former Europe Director, CII, writes in “Is the nation in a coma?” that Europeans believe our leaders are too blinded by new wealth & deceit to comprehend that India is heading towards a dead end. Yes, Mr Murti, we are a nation in coma. We ha...

21st March 2011

Global warming and warming up to responsibility

Our general discourse daily spans a wide variety of topics. We take sides in national politics, pass judgment on politicians, make unrealized suggestions on civic matters and ardently support our national team. We have sure solutions for corruption and th...

21st March 2011

The other India growth story: rising donations

It isn’t only global manufacturers who are enthused about India’s impressive growth story. The country’s fast growing gross domestic product and the burgeoning middle class, with rising disposable incomes, has an unusual player excited — the global non-go...

21st March 2011

On A Path Without Any Destination

In this interview with Naveen Vasudevan, Satish Kumar, the editor of the alternative magazine, Resurgence, talks about his 8,000-mile journey on foot to raise awareness about the threat of nuclear weapons and the connections between peace, social justice ...

11th March 2011

Earth Hour: Switch off your lights, switch on your minds

In India last year, more than five million people and 56 cities switched off their lights for one hour to call for immediate action for climate change that saved approximately 1000 MW of power. (Wow!) The Indian government reciprocated by announcing its...