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14th April 2011

Tree Surveys Help Make Various Informed Decisions about Trees

Census is not the prerogative of humans only! Trees also enjoy this prerogative in the form of tree surveys, albeit undertaken by we humans only! A tree survey is an important task that falls into the category of the science called Arboriculture. Accordin...

03rd March 2011

Importance of Water Vole Survey & Mitigation

Water Voles are species found in Great Britain, Europe and Russia. These creatures are lookalike of a rat, lives in burrows formed at the banks of rivers, ditches, ponds, and water streams. The primary food of Water Voles is grass and plants; they also ea...

15th February 2011

Identify and Eradicate Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed is a large invasive plant found in Britain, northern USA and European territories like Germany, France and Belgium. As it is named, its appearance is also very giant, have dark reddish-purple stem which can grow up to 5 meters tall and large...