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12th October 2011

Three Reasons Attribute to Extreme Events That Happen Frequently

Recently, the State Council Information Office held a press conference. Director of China Meteorological Administration Mr. Zheng Guoguang introduced relevant information about "opinions on strengthening monitoring and early warning as well as information...

23rd August 2011

Correct Eating Habits Are Good for Skin Care

It is very simple to protect skins, for you just need to remember the following six tips. Although these six tips are small, people will have improved skin situation if they could consist doing for several months. Habit One: Drink one cup of boiled wat...

22nd June 2011

How to Refuse the Unreasonable Requirement of the Children

Adults think that they can explore children’s inner world. In fact, children are the masters of reckoning the parents. More than playing a slide again, watching TV for a while, more than playing a game, and then listening to more a bedtime story... Suc...

09th June 2011

How to Cultivate the Good Character of Children?

Someone says, character decides destiny. Although it is not quite right, it also has certain truth. A person’s character is formed from the childhood. In order to let the children have a good personality, how should parents cultivate from childhood? Here ...

09th June 2011

How Do Parents Teach Children to Spend Money?

Children spend money recklessly, and often buy back some unpractical gadgets, then throw them in a few days. This is deeply headache thing for a lot of parents. In this issue, to develop the children’s responsibility is the key that is to let the children...

25th May 2011

The Social Gap between Displaying and Hatred for Wealth

China's wealthy class often complains that public resentment is serious, insecure. Little imagine, deliberately showing off rich is the important reasons to cause public resentment. In front of the public, unscrupulously "burning money" will only draw fir...

14th April 2011

The Basic Conditions for Married Women to Divorce

In the modern society, the on-off phenomenon has become common. the woman can only get ready to divorce, don't let a man think you cannot live without him and should have a few conditions, let herself proceed or step back freely in marriage. First, wom...

24th March 2011

The Healthy New Mother Will Be More Happy

People often say, woman who have been the mother are real woman. Yeah, no matter for the husband or wife speaking, to have a baby is a great event of life full of toil and pain, it contains hope and happiness. If you have been a mother, sincerely hope tha...

14th March 2011

Parents should have the understanding of innocence

Children, especially young children need the parent to shape, which is unquestionable. But must be shaped according to be molded "material" characteristics, must understand children's innocence. The key lies in "temporarily" back to childhood world when t...

14th March 2011

The parents are the child's teacher

As parents, all hope give the best in the world to the children, however, facing the complex world, facing the child’s growing, sometimes, we have to admit that their powerless. In fact, besides blood relations and nurturer role between parent and chil...

25th February 2011

How to Make Marriage Happy

First, amplifying advantages, weakening shortcomings When we love, we tend to amplify each other's strengths, and weaken and even ignore the deficiencies. For example, we appreciate the boyfriend’s free and easy and neglect his carelessness; we like gi...

15th February 2011

Pregnant women’s smile is the best antenatal training

Smile is a kind of fetus education method Pregnant women cheerful mood can make cerebral cortex excited, blood pressure and pulse respiratory, digestive secretion of pregnant women all are in mutual smooth and coordination state, which is beneficial to...

31st January 2011

Discussion on Sino-us relation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

My husband and I talk about everything, we discuss very extensive topic, but the most popular topics are economy, house property, political environment, family and marriage. Her husband said he saw an article, which said Chinese people and westerners a...