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21st April 2011

The Japanese Should Have Listened To Their Ancestors

Sadly numerous Japanese overlooked ancient markers left by their ancestors. In the hamlet of Aneyhshi, a centuries-old tablet saved many lives. Carved on the stone slab is "High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants. Remember the calam...

21st April 2011

Ancestors Speak The Truth

Japanese's ancestors left ancient markers with dire warnings on them, tragically many of them ignored. In the hamlet of Aneyhshi, a centuries-old tablet saved many lives. "High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants. Remember the calami...

20th April 2011

The Planet In Crisis

Late in 2008 things looked bad enough when the finance world experienced a universal melt down in the credit industry, with huge banking organizations tumbling. The resounding fall of the leaders echoed right around the earth, with aftershocks that lasted...

20th April 2011

Holding The World To Ransom

Imagine a movie about a tropical island in the South Pacific where the plot shows innocent people living quietly, minding their own business. Their demands are small, asking only for what the land itself can supply. Their carbon footprint is very light an...

07th March 2011

Hezbollah Taking Over Lebanon

In Lebanon the demonstrations became violent with many people injured, when thousands took to the streets. They were protesting against the decision for a Hezbollah-backed politician form a new government. In their opinion the protestors believed Iran and...

18th February 2011

Anger After A Disaster

Just as scenes of September 11 and the overwhelming 2011 floods in Australia were publicized world-wide on television, so were the mud slides in Brazil and the life shattering earthquake of Haiti, to be viewed live by millions. Anyone who has experienc...

16th February 2011

Ongoing Mass Deaths

Upon waking up many people found 100 of dead birds, believing they were just some more of the string of mysterious mass deaths that have taken place globally in the early part of 2011. The United States government quickly took responsibility for killin...

16th February 2011

Amazing But Scary Facts About China

In just ten years, the small emerging market of China has transformed into a geopolitical giant that now plays a critical role in the global economy. Here are just a few facts that may shock you: Economy: China's GDP per capita is the 91st-lowest in t...

09th February 2011

Diet With A Difference That Works

Millions of dollars are spent annually as people attempt to eat their way to health, using hundreds of widely varying diets and supposedly new health trends. However, there are some simple nutrition errors, that can be corrected for free, which would fix ...