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20th June 2011

Contemporary Funerals

A contemporary funeral, to some, can more truly reflect the character, life, ideals and beliefs of the person who has passed away. Because there are no set expectations or traditions associated with a contemporary funeral, planning this type of non-tradi...

20th June 2011

Perfect Tribute Videos

Tribute videos can help tell the life story of a loved one that has passed away. Funeral professionals can create these DVD video tributes using video tribute software that enables them to combine photographs, music and words to provide a sentimental fun...

07th March 2011

Death Care Professionals Choose Frazer Consultants for Technology Solutions

Frazer Consultants is a personalization, technology and consulting company for the death care profession. Providing world renowned solutions to help funeral home client families' better honor, celebrate, remember and tell a life story, Frazer Consultants...

10th February 2011

Is it too Late to Send a Sympathy Card?

Sending a sympathy card can be difficult. We may not know what to say or fear that we are not saying enough. Thus, we may procrastinate until we think it is too late to send a card. Ideally it is best to send a sympathy card within the first two wee...

10th February 2011

Small Gestures of Kindness Will Help at Time of Loss

Death is an inevitable part of the circle of life. Yet the final separation of a loved one from another often leaves bystanders feeling helpless, and usually at a loss for what to say or do. Here are some small gestures of kindness that can help the berea...

10th February 2011

How Can I Help a Grieving Friend Over Time?

After the flurry of activities calms and everybody returns to their regular activities, this is when the magnitude of the loss starts to hit home. This can be one of the worst times for the bereaved, and it is when friends are needed most. Here are some ...

10th February 2011

What is Proper Etiquette for the Visitation?

The visitation provides an opportunity for the survivors and others who share in the loss to express their love, respect and appreciation for a life that has been lived. Common sense and good discretion are always the best guides when attending a visitat...

25th January 2011

Printing Funeral Stationery on Demand

Creating personalized funeral stationery on demand is what leading funeral homes are doing. Shouldn't your funeral home keep up with the times as well? Pre-printed funeral stationery is a thing of the past. As times change, new opportunities to enha...

24th January 2011

The Future of the Funeral Tribute Video

Ten years ago displaying photos on a picture board was the standard for a funeral. However, in today’s world, if that is all you are still doing, you are being left behind. For the last several years we have seen what I call the first generation of funera...

21st January 2011

Personalizing My Grandpa’s Funeral and the Value of his Funeral Ceremony

Four years ago my Grandpa passed away. This was the first funeral that I had to attend in my life. Being somebody that has worked in the funeral profession for over fifteen years, it was interesting to finally have to experience the loss of a loved one fo...

19th January 2011

Tribute Videos Tell a Life's Story

Tribute videos are an important part of a funeral or a memorial service. They can even be a fitting keepsake to tell a loved ones life story and capture memories forever. A tribute video is an amazing way to honor a loved one and to celebrate their li...