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26th July 2011

A Preamble to Bubble Game

What is so special about bubble game? This is a question that seems to be on everyone’s lips especially for those who have much interest in the bubble related entertainments that are believed to be filled with action, thrill as well as soap. The good thin...

13th April 2011

Playing Sudoku and How it Can Be of Benefit to You ?

Sudoku is considered a number game and over the years, it has been established that there are certain benefits associated with playing the same. Since it falls in the same category as crossword puzzles which are largely associated with making someone smar...

18th March 2011

Puzzle Games For Critical Thinking

People can have fun as well as improve their critical thinking with a puzzle games. This is because they have been used for the longest period of time to help people to learn about various concepts as one needs to engage in some logical thinking to comple...