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31st May 2011

The Skills Clear Away the Aging of Eyes for Women

Nearly all the women want attractive and bright eyes. However, the human eyes can be hurt by various reasons which can accelerate the aging. Generally speaking, four reasons can cause the aging of the eyes among women. These reasons include smoking, drink...

15th February 2011

Jinchang, the Capital of Nickel in China

30 years ago, Jinchang was established as a city in China because of its abundant mineral resources. During these 30 years, Jinchang has achieved great development. The total output value has been increased by 13.7% every year and the total output value p...

15th February 2011

A Healthy Diet for Daily Life

If we want to do our jobs and study in daily life, we always need adequate energy to support these activities. If our bodies are always tired without any obvious reasons, we will be rather worried. In order to keep our bodies strong and healthy, we need t...

15th February 2011

Do You Really Need to Whiten Your Skin

Nowadays, whitening has already become a fashionable trend. It has become a beautifying way for people to improve the skin quality and resist aging. Some people do not believe the effect of whitening, as some low-quality products may even destroy the skin...

15th February 2011

The Porridge Made of Red Bean

It is known to all that porridge plays an important role in improving the physical health for the human body. The porridge can be cooked in various ways. Here, the porridge made of red bean, sticky rice and red date will be introduced for people. The porr...

15th February 2011

The Skills for the IT Men to Improve the Skin

It is known to all that different people have different kinds of skin. For example, some people have oily skin and some people have normal skin. Different kinds of skin have different features. The oily skin is characterized by the ingress of oil, the bla...

15th February 2011

The Skills for Men to Improve the Neutral Skin

Generally speaking, the neutral skin is characterized by the smoothness, moderate secretion of sebum and resistance to the stimulations. Its PH value is moderate within 5 to 5.6. Nowadays, the skin can be hurt by various elements, such as environmental po...

15th February 2011

The Skills for Men to Wake Up Their Skin

All the men want to have smooth and tender skin to strengthen the charm. Many people may envy the nice skin of famous stars. In fact, men can realize the aim of seeking for tender skin as long as they follow the skills mentioned as follows. In order t...