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14th January 2011

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening The Laser Method

Just the thought of going to the dentist is enough to run shivers down your spine, the sight of those cold metal instruments and the thought of them in your mouth and the smell of the cleaning disinfectants, it's no wonder a lot of us avoid having cosmeti...

12th January 2011

What To Look For In A Laser Teeth Whitening Specialist

Your teeth are one of the first recognisable features seen by someone else, and you know what they say about first appearances. Investing in a beautiful white smile will increase you chances of making a good impression on that first appearance. Laser teet...

20th December 2010

Laser Teeth Whitening A Growing Trend

Teeth Whitening is one of the fastest growing trends in the cosmetic industry, and if you have never heard of laser teeth whitening then you are not living in the 21st Century. With the price begin so affordable its no wonder that we are following in t...

17th November 2010

The Different Methods Available for Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening are one of the fastest growing cosmetics industry in the UK, at a rate of 10% per year and increasing, therefore its no wonder that everyone is looking to get that Hollywood smile. There are many different methods of teeth whitening, fr...