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22nd November 2010

Precautions To Take When Cutting Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber has become an eponymous metal in this age of modern technology and advancement. The significant properties displayed speak volumes compared to its compound. No wonder, there are a growing number of people who trust this material when applying...

22nd November 2010

The Magnificent Strength of Carbon Fiber Tubes to Withstand Weather

Our modern civilization claimed to have produced a new breed of material which is surprisingly high in strength in the form of carbon fiber tubes. This material streams from nowhere to become the most in demand among other materials due to many facets and...

22nd November 2010

Materials Used To Build Carbon Fiber Tubes

Impulse is such an important thing. Mainly following it can actually lead you to different directions toward success. It is a spark, when ignited, may lead to a chain of reaction that needs to happen and done. This was exactly what happened to the develop...

22nd November 2010

Types of Carbon Fibers and its Properties

Since carbon fibers have been embraced in the bigger scheme, it is only worthy to take a closer look at this ingenuous material for our benefit. Nowadays, as it is now called the “new metal,” we have to be seriously informed about this then only known as ...

22nd November 2010

The Many Uses of Composite Materials

Since time memorial, humans have an appetite to satisfy our wants and needs. It is in this clear notion that people tend not to be easily satisfied, hence, promotes innovation and discoveries in search for a better life. From mixing straw and mud to form ...