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19th April 2011

Combating Thinning of Hair With 8 Effective Treatments

Natural Hair Growth Treatments To Reverse Baldness. You may not know it but most of these treatments are so simple you'll wonder why you haven't thought about it. Applying of the juice of green coriander leaves on the scalp is also considered helpful. ...

01st April 2011

How To Solve Acne Problems Naturally And Effectively

Acne skin care is no easy thing. For most people it is very challenging. However there are remedies that help cure acne completely without any need for treatment or medical advice. What do I need to do then? Here are some tips how to kill acne. 1. One ...

22nd February 2011

8 Natural Female Hair Growth Remedies

The main cause of hair loss is excessive use of shampoos and other hair products that have chemicals in them. The stress and anxiety that people suffer in their busy life are also said to be the reasons that lead to hair loss. Hair loss is common in men, ...