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31st January 2011

Answering Service's New Generation: The Telephone, With the Help of the Internet

Every company wants a telephone operator to be there when the first ring is sounded. No firm can afford losing even one customer because of a missed phone call. It is worse if such customer intends to place an order, and worst, if such order is in bulk. T...

20th December 2010

Telemarketing is Your Final Answer

Finding efficient ways on how to raise your market potentials can be a huge headache for many, come to think of it. And it doesn’t really sound surprising at all. Planning your telemarketing campaign well makes all the difference between a success and fai...

20th December 2010

Shrinking Down Sales Processes With a Telemarketing Company

Contrary to the belief of most people, telemarketing companies do not only direct their calls to individuals who would be interested in purchasing the products and services that they offer. They also target other businesses as well. In short, telemarketin...

20th December 2010

Excellence in Phone Answering Service Etiquette

Be it cold-calling, appointment setting or answering service, etiquette must be properly observed. This is so because customers, both sales prospects and sales leads, expect phone operators to practice the conventional norms. Moreover, whatever you say ov...

09th December 2010

The Makings of A Great Telemarketer

The goal of any telemarketer would be to increase the amount of sales that they can achieve in a single day. Direct selling is defined as the marketing and selling of goods directly to consumers where business transactions are made away from a fixed r...

25th November 2010

IT Companies’ Weapon - Telemarketing

The Japanese are fond of saying “Business is war.” If we think about it, they’re actually right. The IT industry are constantly trying t outdo each other, each one doing their best to capture a fair share of the market’s pie. That’s the reason why IT tele...