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11th March 2011

Graphic Design Offerings

Take a good look at the picture, you will see a man wearing a trench coat and a bowler hat and in his hands is an attach, case not to mention a brolly. I am rather curious about the entire thing. When you look at the image, what you are seeing is a corpor...

17th February 2011

When Masterpieces Evoke Emotions

Certain rules when it comes to hanging pictures can be learned after years of experience. Do not hang pictures in all of the walls unless you've always yearned to live in an art gallery so keep in mind that hanging a picture on the wall is ideal when the ...

27th December 2010

Still Life Passion

When a female artist was a child back then, she loved drawing horses as much as she loved riding them. What her career involves is painting horses and other subjects of the natural world and this is all thanks to her early training and many years of exper...

24th December 2010

Crackle Finish is Useful

Why has there suddenly become an interest in making things look vintage? There are plenty of ways to make things look old. It is important that you buy some crackle paint for this. It's a very popular painting technique, but have you ever seen a whole roo...

18th November 2010

Six Artists, Six Animal Themes Exhibited in Museum

There is a program held in conjunction with one museum's animal friends exhibition and this is where six local artists will demonstrate their individual approaches to animal painting. After each of the artists creates an animal theme painting in the museu...