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21st October 2010

Carolines on Broadway Launches New Youtube Channel

Way back in the olden days, before our modern, digital era – and by that we mean the early 1990's – Carolines on Broadway had a TV show on A&E called “Carolines Comedy Hour.” And no, unlike A&E's current crop of shows, “Carolines Comedy Hour” wasn't about...

21st October 2010

Is Halle Berry Fit To Play The Role of The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin?

Aretha Franklin has chosen an A-List cast for her upcoming anticipated biopic. She has admitted that she wants the biggest names in black Hollywood to be a part of her biopic. It is rumored that the Queen of Soul has indeed been meeting with stars such as...

20th October 2010

It’s hard to find a trio better than the boys of "Blue Collar"

Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, and Bill Engvall's individual and collective success as stand-up comedians and entertainers, has been one for the ages. Foxworthy (known best for his "you might be a redneck" one-liners) is the best-selling comedy-reco...