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05th February 2011

Single Serve Coffee Brewer Review

Single Serve Coffee Machine ReviewBefore the emergence of single serve coffee makers, coffee drinkers preferring brewed coffee needed to face the issue of having excess coffee after enjoying a cup or two. You can put the excess coffee on the heating pad b...

26th November 2010

Teenager Dieting

Teenager On A Diet We have the highest teenage and childhood obesity rates today than at every other point in the world's long history. Much of the culprit with this is on the junk food, low energy society that we have grown to be. Far too often we feel t...

28th October 2010

Blog BluePrint

Sometimes the simplest way to blog isn't always where to locate a home for the blog. Take for example blogging on a social networking site for example Facebook. Even though it is an excellent location to location a link to some blog on another site, it is...